Krista Dean McGee

September 11, 1994 – January 27, 2011

Krista, an active fun-loving 16-year-old sophomore at Grand Prairie High School, touched the lives of many while she was here with us and will be missed by so many. She was on the varsity volleyball team, was active in theatre and was a class officer. Krista was in Advanced Placement classes and was in National Honor Society. She loved hanging out with her friends, going to the lake, shopping, singing, dancing and
modeling-and the color purple. She is in a better place now and we pray for her family and all those who knew her.

Krista is survived by her parents, Donald & Stacy McGee; older sister, Kayla McGee; and younger brother Trey McGee.

Grandparents are Donna Hanes & the late Billy Wayne Hanes of Grand Prairie; Don McGee & Gayle McGee of Denison, TX; and the late Jennelle Hostler of Oklahoma City, OK. Krista is survived by aunts & uncles: Donnie Hanes, John (Pat) Hanes, Wayne & Becky
Hanes, Mike & Cherry Hanes, Donna McGee, Diana & Jon Appelt, Angel & Steve Hayes, Colby McGee, Jenny McGee, & Rev. Gloria McGee-Denton & Carter Denton. Among her many cousins are: Eric Hanes, Jamie Hanes, James Hanes, Aaron Hanes, Stephanie Hanes,
Chris McGee, Tina McGee and Tyler Maddox.

A Celebration of Life, Death & Resurrection was held Friday 1/4/11 at First United Methodist Church in downtown Grand Prairie, TX. The service was conducted by Rev. Gloria McGee-Denton & Bro. Bob Burgin.

In lieu of Rowers, memorial gifts may be made at

169 Responses to Krista Dean McGee

  1. Denise Gatica says:

    There are no words that can express the pain Krista’s family must be going through and condolences great enough to heal the wound… But like everyone who adored Krista, I can try…

    It breaks my heart to say that the very last time I saw you, was when you were walking to a friend’s house after school. I doubt that you remember me, you were so young, but we first met as cheerleaders for the Jets: me, you, and Kayla. Even at a young age, you shined bright, and the love between you and Kayla was evident beyond means. Being four years older than you, we lost track… But I never forgot you and I will never forget you. Only God understands why he does the things he does.. I pray your family will find their way again after having lost one of their little angels… Fly home sweetie.. <3

  2. Shelby Lemarr says:

    I’m not entirely sure where to start. Logan and Laci, you two where the ones she always seemed to hang around the most and I know she loved both of you so much. I am so sorry. To the countless number of friends she held, I know she loved you too. Her parents, sister, and brother will always be kept in my prayers. And to everyone touched by the beautiful life of Krista Dean McGee, friends, family, acquaintances, and people who walked by her in the hall, you will all be in my prayers as well.

    I remember the first time I met her, in Gola’s class. And after that I knew she was someone I wanted to be friends with. She was beautiful, smart, talented, and all around amazing. Someone everyone could look up to. I regret never knowing her as well as I had wanted to. We were friends towards the end of eighth more so than we had been any other year. I was in Theatre Arts class with her in 8th and I remember her helping me try to sing my Taylor Swift song. She was also the one who first introduced me to “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, singing it in her wonderful voice on the concrete steps just outside the building door. I was standing in the small hallway with Keedrick and we were just listening to her sing. She and my aunt also had a lot of fun discussing dance moves in the Theatre Competition.

    Krista, you are a very loved girl. You inspired so many people, including me, to stand up and realize we were all beautiful too. And all you had to do was smile or laugh and the whole room lit up around you. You’re such a beautiful girl and there are so many people who miss you. I miss you. I know that somewhere up there your making God smile with your beautiful laugh. I love you and miss you so much.

  3. Marisa Serrano says:

    Krista Dean McGee,,
    I didnt know you for a very long time but i always remember that beautiful smile of yours and all that energy you had,, I remember in 2nd period health you always had a coke that you would be drinking even though you had just gotten out of volleyball lol 🙂 Krista you were such a beautiful person and i will always remember you as the happy person that you were. May you rest in peace. Love you 🙂

  4. maurice white says:

    I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW KRISTA WAS A TRUE FRIEND. she will be missed and loved. i will never forget out memories we had. TRUE FRIEND KRISTA!

  5. johnny chavez says:

    here i am again love

    i cant believe its almost a month. it still doesnt seem real… i walk in the hall by where we would hang out and i put my head down. i cant take it at school with out you here. krista i love you so much i always did and i always will. my heart will never be complete again. i wont be able to love some one as much as i loved you krista dean. i miss everything about you krista…


  6. deja says:

    this is truly sad..i never new krista but a techer who went to her schooltold my mom and i at the hair salon what happened and it is sad…my cousin new krista. krista looks like a wonderfull beautiful girl and im sure she will be missed truly..R.I.P Krista Dean McGee

  7. Dara Davis says:

    Ohmygosh. It’s almost been a month after everything has happened. I think about you everyday.
    I replay our last moments over and over again. I thought it was so weird that you said hi to me that thursday, haha. I thought you hated me. Then you said you wanted to be friends again! I thought that was great. We talked after school, and I hugged you goodbye.<3
    I miss you so much.
    You called me crying and told me to promise you to stay friends and watch out for people, I'll keep my promise. I PROMISE.
    I miss having theatre with you and Lexy. and eating lunch with you two. Being in ms crane, going on the feild trip and you made up the rap. And later got in trouble! Haha, and stepped in cow poop, and you took my ipod and just started singing. You had an amazing voice that I know I will miss.
    I'm ALWAYS gonna miss seeing your face at school. I know we werent friends for the most part of this year, but during that time, I always talked about you like we never stopped being friends. I went to all the volleyball games to cheer you on! I love you so much.
    I've known you since kinder, I know I'll never forget you and our memories we have shared.
    I hope you're up there smiling down on all of us.
    Rest in Peace<3
    I love you Krista Dean<3

  8. Isabella Carmichael says:

    Today I realized that you’re gone. It didn’t really hit until now. You were my big sister, you taught me so many things that no one else could have. I’ve known you since I was 6 and I’ve looked up to you since I was 6. When you and Drake became boyfriend and girlfriend I was so proud of him and I would brag about you to everyone. I have so many memories with you. When you and Kylie taught me how to dance that is something I will never forget. You taught me how boys should treat me and how my friends should treat me. I watched you grow but you helped me grow. You are one of the biggest influences in my life. I wouldn’t be the same person I am now if I hadn’t met you. You made me so happy every time I saw you or got a text from you. There are a few things I regret doing or not doing and I’m sorry. I hope you know how much you mean to me. I miss you more than any words can express. I’m so thankful for all the times you helped me through stuff and for everything you taught me and I am thankful that I got to experience you. I love you so much Krista. Goodbye<3

  9. Brittany Walker says:

    Hey babay!
    i miss you so much, just a few days ago i broke down and realized this is reality and your gone. it hit me out of know where. i know your watching over us and that what keeps me going forward!
    you have inspired me to go towards all my dreams and wishes. i wear your ring everyday and when i get sad i just think she with me all the time and i know shes keeping me safe<3
    Krista i miss you so much. this is the first time i'm gonna listen to your song since the funeral in your version.
    keep everyone strong and in the right direction<3
    i love you i cant express that enough, theres time when i mind goes blank cause i cant think of our memories and that second passes and my mind fill with memories that i forgot about.
    i am so happy i have shared those memories and moments with you
    keep looking out for me<3

  10. Brittany says:

    I miss you so much I’m so glad you recorded song becuase I can carry you with me, I can sing along with you and just dance to your songs(:
    I love you with all my heart

  11. johnny chavez says:

    Hey love

    I’m back. Ive been listening to you sing and i cant help but smile. your voice is so amazing. I was thinking today and i cant figure out how I’m gonna get through this. Sometimes i wanna give up. I don’t wanna play my guitar anymore. i have no one to play for. i look out in the crowd when I’m on stage and i don’t see you so i start thinking to myself “why am i playing?” i feel alone on stage i feel empty… I am empty.. i don’t have feeling anymore. i gave them all to you and your gone.. I just wish i could kiss you again.. i wish everything was back to normal.. i wish you were still here Krista:”(

    – Johnny Chavez <3

    • Mike says:


      I am Krista’s uncle and I met you at the memorial service. I know that you miss Krista as we all do. However, I know that God is with us all and He has gifted you with the ability to play and sing for Him. He loves to hear you play and sing!

      Play and sing to Him and let him know how you feel about everything you are going through. He can comfort and strengthen us through anything we are going through in life.

      Know that we as the family love you and are praying for you.


    • Stacy McGee says:

      Johnny. I know you really loved our Krista. We want you to know that we love you, and you are welcome in our home anytime. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need to talk or you want to come over just to go in Krista’s room if that makes you feel better for a minute. Don said he was so glad you came the other night, and he wants you to come back anytime.
      I know that Krista loved you with all her heart., maybe too much, I don’t know, but we will all see her again someday, including you!
      Just know that she is so very happy in Heaven with Jesus, and she is watching over us! That is the one thing that helps me get through each day, even though we miss her so very much.

      Love you,

    • Samyy Parker says:

      iLoveYou, Keep Your Head Up! FOR HER! Play Like Never Before, FOR HER Because She Loved When You Played…. Be Strong For Her, Love For Her!!<3, iKnow Its Hard Bro, But Krista Wouldnt Want You To Feel Empty, Weak, Worhtless….Thats The Devil…The One Who Wanted To Take Her From You, Dont Let Him Take You Away From Her, Live For Her, Breathe For Her, Play For Her….Let Her Live Through You 🙂 Te Amo!

  12. mariah trevino says:

    hey krista its hard knowinq that your really qone): i almost cried at school and i always sinq your sonqs like “butterfly” or “leave the peices” or “im yours”. i keep you in my prayers.i miss you krista dean.ilove you. il keep johnny okay. he loves talk to you qo out and eat your heavenly onions qirlie(: and sinq with your anqelic voice(: love yah. -mariah a.k.a. baybay<3

  13. Jazmine Orozco says:

    krista dean,
    i love your name always have always will.
    i miss you so much, i have so many dreams about you and i wish they were real
    i can;t accept that your gone but you are and i know our father is taking care of you
    and your singing with the angels.
    i wish i could have stayed in touch with you… i would give the world to hug you to see you to spend one day with you.. i miss your hugs and i miss us laughing at each other because you were so tall compared to me, i remember in theatre freshman year you and lexy loya were talking and i got my ipod out and i recorded you two with the thing that made your face looked diformed and i kept laughing and you were so curious and i still can hear your voice and hear you saying “what are you laughing at?(:”
    and i showed you and her haha man we had a good laugh (: i wished i stil had those videos.. i remember when me and you had a script to do together and we instead laughed and goofed around and got nothing accoplished well maybe a little and i won;t forget it you told me that day while we were rolling on the floor laughing that that i was funny and you loved me.. you always told me i was beautiful but baby girl your the beautiful one and forever will be, you know i pray to you every night, i’m gonna have your name in my daughters name and your middle name in my sons middle name and they’ll learn that you were and are the true meaning of love and friendship and taught me to not care what anybody thinks and live free and take some fashion risk here and there, and just live, i’m glad to say i know the meaning of true friendship and thats Krista Dean Mcgee, i write you letters in my journal tell you everything, i know you won’t ever read them but you know in my heart.. i’m strong because of you, your memorys will be told to my children and grandchildren if i am blessed to live that long. i love you so much Krista!

  14. Crystal Montemayor says:

    Krista,it’s already been a month and 2 days since the incident. We may not have been really close,but it still hurt to know that your not going to be here anymore. I remember at the volleyball lock in,you were the only person wearing a hat,and it made you stand out alot. Even in off season,you always managed to stand out above everyone else. I miss you and I know your in a better place. I just wish things would have gone a little differently. I miss you,Krista.

  15. Gabby Juarez says:

    Hey Specialkay, I know its taken me awhile to write something but i just wasn’t ready and i didn’t know what to say, I had the weirdest dream about you last night, it’s almost as if you were still here, i think i cried in my sleep because i was so happy to see you, you had a huge smile on your face and you told me you loved me and gave me a hug, I asked you if you if you were okay and you said you were fine and that’s all i can remember. I miss you so much and i miss all those times we use to skip 6th period and go take pictures outside, i miss the sleepovers, i miss you in third period, i miss you in volleyball, i miss the stories we use to write, i miss modeling with you, i miss seeing your face every morning in volleyball. I think about you every single day before i go to sleep and I just wish you were still here. I love you so much words cannot explain. Every time i look at pictures of you and I it makes me miss you even more and I cant help but cry. Its not the same with out you but now i know you’re in a better place, that dream let me know. May you rest in peace my love.

  16. Arlene olivares says:

    Krista, i miss you so much you dont know even know how much i miss u…. I just wish to see you again in the hall ways running to me just to hug me and u would always called me shorty because u were so huge lol your so beatiful and sometimes i just wonder why krista why?!?!? But i hope you did this for a good reason you didnt know how much we all love you and miss you even tought u weren’t thinking u were just upset just know this u were never alone and now your with God and with the angels singing with them u were so talented and u had change my life so much and im still keeping my promise not get introuble just for u… And i remember of ur star johnny that u had named it i well be praying for ur family and friends we all need it r.i.p krista dean mcgee love u so much 🙂

  17. Jake Lowery says:

    i barly knew you and im happy that i did get to know you every time i seen you in the hall ways i smiled cause you smiled at me first i really do miss you alot i hurts me to write this on your page but i really care about you, you were the fourth person i lost in less than two months right after i heard i didnt want to live anymore i cryed days on end thinkng your gone, i tryed to end my life three days after we lost you the ony thing stopping me was when i seen a light in the middle of darkness at night and seen your face now i cant live a normal life anymore because my parents dont trust me alone i always get checked up on but i know i can never be helped by anyone. i prayed for god to answer me and help me but the more i beg and pleedhe wont answer but when i close my eyes and think about ending my life i can see you i wish i can do my best to help you out by helping your family but i cant do that because i dont know them and ill feel like an outcast like i shouldnt belong like i do now so i wish i could have told you this before you left i miss you and you were the best thing in my life i ove and miss you krista

    Jake Lowery

  18. Jake Lowery says:

    you were the one who inspired me to begin singing so i did i got really good but i cant do it anymore when i try to start i cant finish i miss you everytime i try to i drop to my knees crying so i quit singing im sorry that i failed you i still love and miss you

    Jake Lowery

  19. Johnny Chavez says:

    Hey love<3

    Well yesterday was two months:'( it hits me harder everyday to know your gone. I went to go see you and i saw a caterpillar on your head stone. i stayed for over an hour and it only moved once. Thank you babe for the sign ive been asking from you. i know your in a better place now. When i was driving back all i could think about was all the silly times we had. Like when i dressed up in your little elf clothes and danced in your room for you or when we would go to Dallas with everyone and the things you would do or say(: i really miss that.. i really miss you my love.. I slept in your room the other day and for some reason i felt so comfortable. I felt like i had you next to me again..

    babe i love you so much and i always will. You will never leave my heart i promise.

    Love- Johnny<3

  20. Dara Davis says:

    I love you, Krista.<3
    I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
    I miss you so much.

  21. Kylee Racioppa says:

    Baby Girl.. This will be my first time writing here, and I think I just still couldnt rap my head around all this. I cant believe your gone, I miss you so much. You have always been my bestfriend. We did everything together and then I moved away and I wish I was there the last 5 years with you. Its so tough being away from you, and everyone else. All I want is to done my highschool and middleschool years with all yall. And I leave for texas soon and I still cant believe Im not going to see you. For one of the many reasons why I went home to Texas was to see you. Before everything happened me and you were texting and talking about how we couldnt wait to see eachother and then at midnight a couple days later my whole world stop I lost my bestfriend but not just that I lost my sister. Im always thinking about you. I cant wait to see you again. You are the time of your life right now and when Im in my weakest moments all I do is start thinking of you and listen to your songs and just sing along because I feel like were together just like we did when we were 5. I love you and your family so much, I want them to know that I will always be here and I will never forget you or them. I love you. Keep shining your beautiful light through me. <3


  22. Mikaela Barnes says:

    i know your here with me while im going through all of this.
    I love you so much!

  23. Laci Butler says:

    Heyy babygirl! i miss youu very muchh. i remember us at my house with logan….. we were in my kitchen…. && logan was making us laugh sooo hard with our chocolate milk && lays. i miss us dancing in my room to christina aguilera. i miss us laughing at me doing my stupid dances that youu && Kayla loved. i remember me and Kayla laughing at youu cuz trey pushed youu and made youu fall. i remember us on your roof dancing and being stupid && jumping off onto the trampoline when your mom came home(: These are the memories that i will cherish forever<3 not a day goes by that i dont think about you! I love youu so much. youu will always live in my heart! Rock it out babygirl!

    Stacey, Don, Kayla, && Trey- if yall EVER need anything, dont hesitate to give me a call. i love youu all && i miss youu guys<3

  24. Stacy McGee says:

    I want to tell everyone that is still posting comments on this website THANK YOU!
    It blesses me more than you will ever know, just to know that all of you are still thinking about our Krista and that you miss her as much as we do! God Bless You!!

    Stacy McGee

  25. Marissa Chance says:

    My goodness, i miss you. i’ve known you since pre-k, and you have always been crazy and outgoing:) you brought so much to this world:)
    In my dance class, dara and i were given a project, to create a “concert”.. our theme is “in memory of…” and it has your songs:) you had a beautiful voice! i miss it<3
    we love and miss you krista! you continue to inspire all of us<3

  26. Logan Baragana says:

    Happy Easter love, i miss you so much. You’ve had such a huge impact on my life, through your life and I’ll carry it on through death. I remember when we used to talk about our lives, how me and you were going to get a house together with our husbands too, and when we grew old we would stay in the same nursing home and have wheel chair races down the halls and make all the other old people hate us, lol. You were the person I looked up too when we were little because you were a month older than me, and you were fearless! I love you for that, I wish you were still here with me. Krista, I love you and miss you so much, I can’t wait to see you again one day<3

  27. walter says:

    Had a heavy cry for her tonight. It hurts bad. I’m so sorry. So hard to hear her sing.She was a part of my family.

  28. Laci Butler says:

    Heyy babygirl<3 i have really been thinking about youu alot lately. Its really hard for me to wrap my head around this… even 3 months later. im listening to your songs right now thinking that maybe if i text youu… youu will reply… then i remember everything and i break down. I just wish i could give youu a call sooo i can talk about everything that has been going on lately.. i could really use your amazing advice right now<3 youu truly were and always will be my best friend. although we werent on the best terms… i knew that i could always come too youu if i ever needed anything. and i pray that youu knew the same. i love you sooo much! i remember the great times we had back in middle school and when i think of those memories… i always smile. youu were so amazing and full of life. even if i was having one of the worst days, youu always knew how to make me smile. today, on the bus.. i was feeling bad, sick, gross, and so on… but then a butterfly cam through the window and landed on me… i had no doubt in my mind that that butterfly… was youu! One of my favorite memories of us was when were out in my backyard… on my trampoline being stupid and the springs kept flying off… we were laughing sooo hard that i jumped off the trampoline and peed myself. i am missing those moments alot right now because it seems like once i have something good in my life…. something comes along and ruins it. i know that youu would give me the best advice possible and i am desperate… i wish youu were here baybayy! your memory will live in my heart forever and ever<3
    youu will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOUU SO MUCH KRISTA DEAN<3
    may you rest in peace babe!
    much love– Laci Michele<3

  29. Johnny says:

    Hey Love<3

    I really wish you were here.. Things get so hard without you. You were the only person that pushed me to become something great and now i don't have that drive i had when you where here. My grades have dropped so much and my will to play my music is kinda pointless.. I tried so hard because i wanted to give us a good future, i wanted to support you and belle… but now its just me.. I love you Krista Dean<3 and i always will no matter what. Goodbye my love.

    -Johnny Chavez

  30. arlene olivares says:

    Krista, i miss you so much that you can’t even imagine in march i almost ended my life because i miss you so much and i need you back I’m not me no more I’m always quite i can’t be here no more:( and yesturday i war thinking about you and i wash crying so much that i was going to kill my self but sadly my mom found me on time i just can’t be here no more i miss you and my older brother i don’t have nobody I’m here in earth by my sell i miss you krista dean mcgee love you always but don’t worry cous I’m going to see u again and really soon and my older brother gera. Love you’ll both so much: )

  31. Victoria LeeAnn says:

    Everytime it would lighting last night I would think it was Krista Taking pictures of all Her Friends And Family!
    – RIP Krista!

  32. Briana Chavarria says:

    Krista i never go a day without thinking about you. You were one amazing person. I truley do miss you. I wish you never left but everything is getting to me that , that was your choice and now we cant go back. I lovee you baby girl. My your soul still flutter free!

  33. Johnny Chavez says:

    Hey my love<3

    i havent been on this page in while.. Oh my God krista i miss you… its been five months since i last saw you, last touched you, last kissed you… this is still so hard, it never really got easier for me, i know if you were here things would be so diffrent.. i need you so much,oh god how i love you.. i will never share that love with anyone else krista never…

    i love you krista dean mcgee<3

  34. Dara Davis says:

    Oh Kristaaa.<3 I'm so glad they still have this website up for you.
    I miss you. We all do, SO MUCH.
    We all still wish this was all just a giant joke.
    I still text your phone, saying "I love you!(:"
    Five months, you've been gone. And still, it'll hit me hard that you're no longer here.
    I visit you every month, and get so sad, because that's the only time I know this is all real. But then I realize you're in a better place.<3
    I'd do anything I could possible to see you again. GOODNESS.
    I love you so much, baybay.<3

  35. Daisy Velasquez says:

    Man Girl!I love you so much.I wish i could just be able to see you again it just hurts to know that your actually gone.i still cant put it through my head that your gone.I feel like your gonna show up out of nowhere and tell us your okay!But i know your fine.You’ll always be in my Prayers and in my memories Krista!Now spread your wings and fly babygirl!love you<3

  36. Shelby Dodd says:

    I miss you Krista.
    A song came on the radio today that reminded me of you. So I had to come on here and let you know, that I’m thinking about you. About the times we shared when we were little…Oh, how I WISH I had gotten to know you as we grew up and matured.
    I can’t stop listening to your song “Butterfly”. You had an amazing voice. I hope you get to sing everyday now, and do everything you loved to do here on Earth.

    I hope to see you soon Krista.


  37. Carrie Speights says:

    Donald, Stacy, and Family,
    Donald, I was formerly Carrie Hostler when my dad was married to your mom. Kevin sent me this link, and there are no words express how grieved I am for you and your family. I have two grown girls, and I can’t imagine what this has been like for you. All I know to offer you is our prayers, and that the comfort of the Holy Spirit will flood your hearts, because there is no peace in this world for losing a child, especially the way you lost Krista. So please know that now there are more people out here praying, caring, and that know Krista’s life was important, and won’t forget her just because she’s with Jesus and not here. Love and Prayers Donald,Take Care, Carrie

  38. Carrie Speights says:

    Also feel free to get in touch if you would like. Kevin and Iare both on FB, and you have my email address.

  39. Kevin Hostler says:

    Dear Donald and Stacey,
    I just came accross this site. I am so sorry for your loss. I never knew Krista but the news of her death really impacted me . I cant imagine your pain. I know its been many years but think about you often. Kevin Hostler

  40. Samyy Parker says:

    Krista, Hey Girl….Miss You! Didnt Really Realize How Much Until iFinally Aceepted The Fact That You Were Gone </3 We've Had Our Difficulties, && Our Worst Enemy Moments! But What Is Life Without Problems? You Are A GREAT Person Honey, && You Deserve Way Better!!! Sometimes iPretend That You Havent Left && Start Talking To You! Lol, But Shhhh Dont Tell Anyone…<3, You Know, Relationships Never Got Deep To Me..&& iNever Got The Whole "In Love" Thing! But Everytime iSaw You iNoticed How Happy You Were, So Friendly, Blunt, Real, iRealized What Love Was Between Friendships && Relationships! iRemember You Going To Church Camp With Me….&& That Girl Ivy Would Bother Us && We Would Battle At VolleyBall…..Man Were You Born To Be A Player(: You Think The Fire You Had Here Was High……Its Beyond Higher Now!!! FireWorks<3! Miss You Soo Much, Everything The Same But It Feeels Different. iHave Memories Of Us iWill Never Forget. Love You!!! Friends Forever!!!<3

  41. Mandy says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say I still think of the McGee family often. I was looking for Krista’s songs the other day because she had such an amazing voice and someone told me they were here and they are (: I haven’t stopped by here in a while because I have been a little busy but I wanted to say I think of your family often and pray every chance I get! I know Krista is with each and every one of you as well as with our Father above. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. Stay strong. I know it may get hard at times. But she was so full of life and smiling all the time. That’s all she’d want to see you do . Is smile. So when you feel down. Just smile knowing she is with you and happy and pain free. We will all see her again when it is our time to go home. Until then she lives in our hearts forever <3

  42. JAMES CRAIG says:

    it is 3:16 in the morning and im up listening to her songs…
    i have not forgotten krista how could i that would be an insult to her memory
    No one can forget a girl like krista so full of life so fun so careing and loveing
    our memories are locked away in a safe place My Heart is that safe place!
    no one thinks this affected me but truely it did ALOT it broke my heart i couldn’t make the funeral so that whole morning and day i stayed in my room crying and calling out to god asking why then calling out to krista telling her to come back it is almost time to go back to school and i am not ready at all those halls are not the same without her bright smile lighting up the whole grand prairie high school building and hearing that sweet beautiful voice im dedicating my jr year and whole football season to krista every touchdown i will point at the sky because i know she will be watching.
    I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU KRISTA DEAN McGEE R.I.P <3 and this i end with a smile and a single tear (':

  43. stacy mcgee says:

    We finally got our home internet back up, and this is the first time I have logged on to Krista’s website in quite awhile. It still doesn’t get any easier. We miss her so very much, words cannot describe! My baby girl is in my thoughts every hour of everyday. I can’t wait to be reunited with her. This consumes my thoughts daily! I have to pray to God everyday to give me and my family the strength to go on even tho I don’t want to keep living without her. Rest in Peace Baby Girl! I know you are with our Lord! That is the only thing that helps me to wake up everyday and keep living. Love You Krista Baby!!! <3

  44. stacy mcgee says:


  45. DONALD MCGEE says:


  46. DONALD MCGEE says:


  47. Anita says:

    Krista Dean <3
    i miss you so much girlie, its been almost 7 months and the memories will never fade, i always go back to the day we first met at havens house we stayed up all night watching cross roads, we dressed up in crazy outfits, got on the bed and we were dancing and singing like we were brittany spears hehe i remember how much she would inspire me!! haha its funny cause although we were like 10 years old i was soo jealous that you looked more like brittany than me haha you have i will never forget you krista dean and your beauty will always shine through me! i love you baybee!!!
    <3 ButterFly fly away

  48. Jasmine Schlicker says:

    Hey Krista,

    I never really go to know you. I wish I had. I had you for Chemistry, and that was a lot of fun. I remember saying you look like Taylor Swift and you smiling. I remember the last time I saw you too, clear as day. It’s hard to believe you’re gone, seems like just yesterday we were talking in Mr. Morris’s class and laughing. I miss you. You were like this big ray of sunshine, always smiling. You are so beautiful, and I hope you’re happy and well. I hope I see you again some day.

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAY BAY!!!!!! I love you a lot and miss you 🙂 hope you have a blast on your special day in heaven sweety bright the world for everybody 😀 <3

  50. Yasmine says:

    It’s your birthday beautiful.
    I love and miss you. And I can’t wait to see you in heaven. c:

  51. libby fierro says:

    Went to visit you on your bday with dara and jasmine…it was hard because I am a mom..knowing that a mom and dad lost a child is hard….I pray for kristas parents daily and wish I could go back in time and change this, but I know I can’t..makes me feel helpless…i will never forget Jr high she was very special..everytime I pass by Adams Jr high, I think about her and I imagine her doing her cheers like she did for the football team during the games…Sept 11 is a very sad day for America and will always be a sad day for kristas friends and family….I can’t even express the sadness I feel right now…I will visit you often krista..I will always pray for you and your family…may you always watch over your family and friends..they love you and miss you very much…always in our hearts <3 …the fierro family

  52. STACY MCGEE says:

    Krista……Baby, I can’t believe it has been a year since you’ve been gone! It seems like yesterday, and the pain is the same as if it were. We love and miss you so so so much. and not one hour of any day goes by that I don’t think of you. Your friends and family loved you so much. It still doesn’t seem real. It seems like you are just away on a long trip and you will be coming back. I would never want to bring you back to this earth because you are in Heaven with our Lord and there is no better place to be. I just hold on everyday knowing that we are going to be with you again., and I cannot wait for that day! Keep shining down on us baby girl, we feel your spirit and that keeps us going. I love you soooooo much!!!

  53. Stacy McGee says:

    On the 27th of this month will be the 2 year anniversary of Krista’s death….the pain and sorrow is the same as if it happened yesterday. One thing that people always say is that it gets easier, and it doesn’t. It never will…until the day I die and she meets me at the gates of Heaven with her beautiful smile that we all know her for.
    Krista Baby….I love you and miss you soo much! I lay in my bed and stare at the door just praying for you to run in, jump on my bed and say “hi mommy” like you used to do almost everyday. You are so beautiful! I still wonder why God thought I was worthy of having such a wonderful daughter! I (we) were truly blessed to have you for 16 years.
    I am so proud of all that you accomplished while you were here and the lives you touched. I really wanted to see what was in your future because I know that you would have done really great things! Our Lord and Savior have you now, and you couldn’t be in better hands.
    Please continue to watch over us and help us to get through this life without you until we can see you again.
    I love you baby girl!!!
    Rest in Peace

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