Krista Dean McGee

September 11, 1994 – January 27, 2011

Krista, an active fun-loving 16-year-old sophomore at Grand Prairie High School, touched the lives of many while she was here with us and will be missed by so many. She was on the varsity volleyball team, was active in theatre and was a class officer. Krista was in Advanced Placement classes and was in National Honor Society. She loved hanging out with her friends, going to the lake, shopping, singing, dancing and
modeling-and the color purple. She is in a better place now and we pray for her family and all those who knew her.

Krista is survived by her parents, Donald & Stacy McGee; older sister, Kayla McGee; and younger brother Trey McGee.

Grandparents are Donna Hanes & the late Billy Wayne Hanes of Grand Prairie; Don McGee & Gayle McGee of Denison, TX; and the late Jennelle Hostler of Oklahoma City, OK. Krista is survived by aunts & uncles: Donnie Hanes, John (Pat) Hanes, Wayne & Becky
Hanes, Mike & Cherry Hanes, Donna McGee, Diana & Jon Appelt, Angel & Steve Hayes, Colby McGee, Jenny McGee, & Rev. Gloria McGee-Denton & Carter Denton. Among her many cousins are: Eric Hanes, Jamie Hanes, James Hanes, Aaron Hanes, Stephanie Hanes,
Chris McGee, Tina McGee and Tyler Maddox.

A Celebration of Life, Death & Resurrection was held Friday 1/4/11 at First United Methodist Church in downtown Grand Prairie, TX. The service was conducted by Rev. Gloria McGee-Denton & Bro. Bob Burgin.

In lieu of Rowers, memorial gifts may be made at

169 Responses to Krista Dean McGee

  1. Nicole Alvarez says:

    Krista always had a smile on her face when i saw her. She always called me beautiful and made me laugh. I love her dearly and i’m going to miss her terribly! I will always pray that she is in heaven and is at peace. We will always keep her in our memory and keep her spirit alive. Krista was a nice, funny, beautiful, talented person ,and may she rest in peace.

  2. Laci Butler says:

    Krista Dean McGee, youu were a very beautiful person… I know I will never be able to forget that breath taking smile of yours that lit up a room when youu walked in. Youu were always so happy and full of energy. We were like the perfect match, we were alike in so many ways. I miss youu so much babygirl but I know that your so much happier with the big man. I just pray to god that youu knew how much everyone cared for youu and how much we all miss youu… nothing is ever going to be the same. Youu were always thw life of the party, youu always knew how to make my day… I love youu soo much. Even though we had our fair share of disagreements, I always have and always will love and miss youu babe! Rock it out up there baybayy<3

  3. Erica Cantu says:

    I Just saw You Yesterday, With that HUGE beautiful smile that you have. I love you &You will never be forgotten. You May be gone physically But you WILL ALWAYS be here spiritually. I swear it was like the other day we were in the Parade together Laughing so hard. May You Rest In Peace And Watch Over Us All. β™₯

  4. gloria says:

    r.i.p. krista mcgee i love you i will miss u sorri i had to happen dat way everybody is crying out

  5. ajah cimone says:

    You will truly be missed.!

  6. Logan Baragana says:

    Krista Dean Mcgee, my sister, my rock, my scary movie buddy, my next door neighbor, my best friend. I wish you knew how beautiful and talented you were, you had the whole world in the palm of your hand. You’ve gotten me through so many obstacles in life. I wouldn’t trade our memories for anything in the world. Once October rolls around, we will have been best friends for 17 years, man time flys. Being your neighbor was a privilege, going to school with you my whole life was a privilege. We have had so many memories together; sleep overs, haunted teddy bears, nachos, jack in the box at 3am, prank calls, silly string, food fights, tramplines, pool parties, scary movie marathons, Jessie Mccartney concerts,wrapping peoples houses, toaster strudles, Thelma and Louise, Spice girls, Mary Kate and Ashley movies, Shania Twain, Michael Jackson, peeing our pants, and so much more. I would give all the money in the world just to have you back again. I hope you found the peace you were looking for babygirl, I love you with all my heart. Rest in peace<3


  7. Rebecca Poteet says:

    I remember when Keista and I were in 2nd grade and we were best friends. She used to come over to my house and we used to slide down the stairs in sleeping bags.
    I’m going to miss her brightening my day, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh.
    I love you Krista Dean McGee!<3

  8. Yazbeth Alkvarez says:

    I didn’t really know her but I still feel that pain everyone feels around school and no words will bring her back, all we can do is just remember that great times you’ll had together, remember the smile she always had, memory is something that will never change even if she’s gone,
    RIP Krista McGee she surely be missed,

  9. NaKadia Renee' says:

    man krista ,
    just met you this year , and im very glad to have. its crazy that thursday in class you told me ,” see you tomorrow” but you didnt come always had a smile on your face and i couldnt help but smile myself. you were beautiful inside and out , what a character you were. always making jokes and just lighting up the room with your presence πŸ™‚ .ive learned alot from you passing that i need to help others and shine my light on others as you did me. i really wish that you didnt have to go so soon things will not be the same. well i will forever love and miss you. RIP Krista Dean McGee <3

  10. Alec says:

    R.I.P krista I will miss u. U were like a Sis to me.

  11. donald hanes (kristas uncle) says:

    had an angel living with me for 16 years and did not know it .God forgive me! I loved krista dean so much! see you in heaven baby! LOVE YOUR UNCLE DONALD!!!

  12. Briana Chavarria says:

    Krista was an amzingg girl.
    I loved her.i wish this was all a dream so i could wake up an see her bright smile.
    Im going to miss her with all my heart.Just everything about her made my day.

  13. Marissa Gonzalez says:

    Krista was the best thing that kept my smiling no matter what in my life. She knew my ups and downs in life and never told my secrets. She use to always try and set me up with boys and it would never work out, lol. Krista knew what she wanted and always went after it. She knew what love felt like. She knew who loved her and who she loved the most. Her family and Johnny. She use to always talk about you guys and johnny and would never shut up. She had great adventures in her life. Even though her life was cut short she still accomplished more than any of us have. I love her so much and i always will remember her smile and voice when she sang to me. I just adore her. R.I.P.

  14. Yecenia Alvarado says:

    Dear Krista Dean, Gosh ever since I found out I just can’t stop thinking about you and how i’ll never ever see you again. I’ll never see your beautiful smile ever again. I know your in a better place now but I wish you were still with us. I will NEVER EVER forget you. You will live forever in our hearts, May your soul rest in peace.
    I love you.

  15. Neisha Cheatham says:

    krista was the sweetest person i met,the funniest, and one of the prettiest..she always made me smile with her jokes (: i knew her since sixth grade and even though we weren’t as close as we could’ve been we were FRIENDS (: she will always be with me in my heart and mind. gone but never forgotten. R.I.P Krista Dean McGee <3

  16. Tabitha Spillers says:

    iv known her for 11 years,although i never actually known her personally,it still hurts alot to have someone you have known for that long just dissappear all of a sudden.its a sad thing she left,she was amazingly beautiful,and she had alot going for her,and its sad to think she gave it all up. i only wish i would have known her better than i did. i once remember a time where we made friends at church camp right before 6th grade started,and i remember being picked on my Sarah and so she stepped up to see if i was alright,it was one of her more noble characteristics.and i admire her for taking that time.even now..she deserves all the respect that the school has given her. we all mourn for her.

  17. Lenna Marie says:

    Krista , I Saw You Just The Other Dayy . I Wish We Would Have Been Able To Fix Our Problems . It Kills Me Knowing We’ll Never Get The Chance To Become Close Again , But You Will Always Have A Place In My Heart . I Will Always Remember You As A Beautiful , Happy Girl With A smile On Her Face . You Touched So Many People While You Were With Us , You Will Never Be Forgotten . I Love And Miss You !
    Rest In Peace , Krista Dean McGee <3

  18. Krista Dean,
    we met last summer and you made a HUGE impact on my life..
    i started and ended my day with you this past school year..
    it just isnt the same with out you..
    i <3 you deeply..and you were the only one who understood my boy problems and you helped me with them..
    why did you have to go..</3
    you and your family are in my prayers.
    i love you Krista Dean.

  19. manuel delacruz says:

    Krista Dean Mcgee, man was I fortunate enough to meet you in theater arts back in adams. I am going to miss you darling and i do not want to believe that you are gone, but I know your spirit of happiness, joy, and great friendship will always be in our hearts and will be roaming with us forevermore. I am also thankful that I enjoyed your laughter and that you knew how cheer people up when they were down with your generosity of kindness. goodbye Krista Mcgee and when I say “goodbye”, it means a longer version of “see you later, see you later in heaven” R.I.P. KDM <3

  20. Raquel inocencio says:

    Krista Dean McGee…
    I’m going to miss you sooooo much!
    I’m going to miss your beautiful smile:), when you would tell me and Kaylee every morning, have a good day:) I’ll always remember all the great memories we had! Especially this summer when me you Alyssa all stayed at kaylee’s:D
    wow, great times ! You were so amazing, you were such a bright and happy girl! And I’ll never forget that. I’ll always remember how we were such a like in so many ways, we both loved to dance, and we both knew how to have a great time!:D
    we all loved you! And you knew that cause we used to tell you that evey morning before we left GP to go to dubiski. Ha krista you remember our handshake?
    The one we would do during our volleyball games freashman year! I’m never going to forget that. We have too Many GREAT memories and I can’t write them all down:)
    I love you krista McGee.
    You will always be in my heart, I will never forget you, you will always be one of my bestfriends:)
    R.I.P my love. I know your in a better place:)
    I love you<3

    – Love always,
    Raquel Inocencio

  21. Amanda Windschitl says:

    Krista…You were like an angel to everyone who knew you. Your smile always made my day. You will be missed, and always loved. I remember the first time I met you. It started off as an awkward conversation, and then we actually started talking. We had so many things in common, and now I will do all of them in memory of you. I love you Krista Mcgee, and I hope you are happy where you are now<333

  22. Liz Nunez says:

    Much respect , prayers go out to the family and their lose .

  23. Its hard to believe that you’re really gone. Its hard to believe that such a beautiful person had to go through what you went through. I wish you were still here with us to brighten days and put smiles on peoples faces. And I wish you could’ve seen how much love and support you really had, but at least we can say that you’re in a better place watching over all of us. You will be greatly missed and your family will be in my prayers. I love you krista baby. And may you rest in peace.

  24. Arielle Gonzalez says:

    Wow. You’ve been around for as long as I can remember. Being older than you didn’t really allow us to have classes together but you were always around. Laughing loudly in the halls and cracking hilarious jokes all the time. So when you made varsity this past year we really got to know eachother better. You’re a very beautiful, talented, intelligent young girl. I wish I could have seen you grow up and been apart of many more memories. But a few that will always stand out are probably in that varsity locker room. Never have a met someone who would announce farts like you did. And I loved how everytime I’d walk I’m there before a game there was Johnny sitting on the bench. Most of all I remember you sitting in that far corner of the bench. That was your seat. Your spot. And no matter how much time passes, that will ALWAYS be your spot.
    You’re free from all your burdens and worries now Krista. So spread your wings babygirl. Not a day that goes by will I forget you. We’ll see eachother again one day, you’ll make for one beautiful angel Krista.
    IloveyouSOmuch. <3 RIP Girly.
    Love always,
    Arielle G. <3

  25. Herman Cavazos says:

    Wow……its seems that everytime I hear a sad song its makes me think of you more and more. I dont like to think about it but its really hard not to. We were closer last year but now I wish we were closer this year. I miss your friendship, and may you Rest In Peace.

  26. Julia Durham says:

    Krista you were an awesome person, you shined wherever you went. and you always made sure that those who were around you were just as happy as you were. I wish that you didn’t feel that you had to go through whatever you were going through, but you are the only person that can truly understand your pain. Yet, it hurts to think that I or anyone did not see this. I will cherish the time we spent and the conversations we had. I’m so sorry that things didn’t work out too well for you in this life, so I hope that wherever you find your self now, is what you were looking for, and you have the true happiness that you deserve. I and so many others will miss you and hold your memory dear to our hearts. I love you. and I care.

  27. Myriam Gomez says:

    I just couldn’t believe it when I heard. Krista the happiest, most beautiful girl in the world had left us. Just like that. It tore us to bits and pieces knowing we’d never see you again. You were an amazing person and everyone is going to miss you dearly. We know you’re in heaven now watching over us. You’re happy now, free. Love you. Rest In Peace Krista <3

  28. Allyson Bell says:

    I miss you sweetie. I know you’re up there making God smile (:

  29. sarha garza says:

    you were so beautiful and bubbly. the atmosphere in the halls is so cold and empty without your beautiful smile. we all miss you and we wish you were here with us. but we realize that you are in a much better place. you and your family will be in my prayers.

  30. Mandy mcswain says:

    Krista was a beautiful and talented girl . I know many people will miss her and many people had great memories with her. I know I did.. And I won’t forget her smile and laugh… She was always happy always makeing others smile ! I love and miss yooh krista πŸ™‚ xoxo Mandy

  31. Lisa Angell says:

    Krista, you were too young to go so soon. I know you’re family~n~friends will never forget you and the happiness you brought to their lives. I too remember you smile, now you can light up the heavens with it! May God be with you child.

  32. Ashyveal Nicholas says:

    As I write this I am remembering the beautiful smile of yours that used to light up the room when you walked in. You are the nicest, sweetest person i ever remember meeting. When i heard about what happened it all felt surreal i was devastated. I just really hope you are at peace now and know that i will always miss you. You were an angel in disguise whether you realized it or not. Thank you for being an amazing person and friend. R.I.P. Krista McGee

  33. Trey Ragsdale says:

    Really???? Have some respect. Even if you dont feel bad for her, at least have some respect for her family and friends.

  34. McKaylah Nixon says:


  35. krista ,
    all my condonses go out to you and your family. i didnt know but i seen you around with johnny alot and he ‘s taking it pretty hard . i know for a fact that you were loved alot by everyone especially my friends and ive been comforting them every since then. even though i didnt know yo i learned alot form you to be happy , ennjoy life, and love your friends and the people thats close to you thanks krista and you will be greatly missed πŸ™‚

  36. Richard says:

    Hey idk you! But i agree what people are telling you! Have some respect or don’t say nothing at all! Alot of people loves her! And MISSES HER ALOT! You don’t know her real reasons only she does SO BACK OFF!

  37. Alycia Marks says:

    only she knows how she was feeling, i doubt it was seriously over just a guy..she had other things she didn’t know how to deal with. i love you krista…and even though it sends chills through my body knowing someone so freaking awesome is gone, even though you weren’t here very long you definently had a huge impact in alot of peoples lifes, including mine. And taylor idk you but seriously have some respect; your entitled to your own opinion, but don’t post anything about how she’s being a stupid hoe unless you know everything! that really urks me tht you would put this on here.

    • Mandy Lewis says:

      Hey sweetie. I agree with you. You are staying strong. Continue to do so. Don’t let people Liek Taylor get you down. You’re right it wasn’t over just a guy. And I appreciate you understanding that. ANd even if it was that still gives no one the right to talk crap about her. But it wasn’t and that makes me even more angry. People don’t know the story and run their mouth by things they hear. The family doen’st need that negativity. Your friend was a beautfil young woman with alot ahead of her. But God needed her home. And there was nothing anyone could do. Th eLord was going to take her home either way. Yea it didn’t have to be the way she went. But that was her day to leave us. She is is a better place. She is happy, Free, and in no pain or suffering. She is looking down on your and everyone else seeing how many people loved her and how many lives she touched. She didn’t want to hurt people when she left. She wants us to find peace in her happiness and that she is with the Lord. It will be hard. Just stay strong. I am praying for you all!

  38. chelsie says:

    taylor…this is a hard time for everyone and your not makin it any better! if u have nothing nice to say then please get off this website…no one knows what she was going through or wat was going on in her head,but it has already happend and theres nothing we can do but pray that shes happy now.
    i didnt know krista as well as most of yall but i knew her well enough to know she was a beautiful girl inside and out and she will be missed dearly
    love chelsie πŸ™‚

  39. Richard Tristan says:

    I know i didn’t know you.. But i have seen you around. Makes me sad knowing that you had left and what left behind here in this world of ours. A lot of people miss you and love you so much. I miss you as well. You seem like a great person and wished i had actually knew you. You were so beautiful and nice. Your family, friends, and people you have touched like me. Will miss you and love you. You shall always me in our hearts and prayers. RIP Krista Mcgee..

  40. Laci Butler says:

    Really?! How immature are youu! How the helll are youu gonna have the audacity to come here and say this crap!! I can’t believe you!!! Your just jealous of her. She was gorgeous, funny, energetic and a great person… she had many friends unlike someone like youu!!! GROW UP!!!!!!

  41. Mandy Lewis says:

    First of all you don’t know the whole story, Secondly, If you didn’t know her shut your. mouth. The family doesn’t need people like you who don’t know anything running their mouth and spreading crap that they hear. Krista had alot going on in her life and it brought a bunch of stress on her. The thing with her boyfriend may have been the icing on the cake to many things going on. But it wasn’t JUST over a guy. Get your facts straight before you run your mouth. You are not helping in any way.. What if this was someone in your family and someone stupid came saying things like you are. Just shut up and move on. If you don’t know her or you don’t feel bad for the fmaily or anything then get off here and go on with your life. Why waist their time and yours? I pray for you. That you will grow up. That you will understand what the family feels and remove yourself from this wall and not bring the family down anymore. That is all I have to say.

  42. Allyson Bell says:

    Honestly? Why comment

    • danielle eary says:

      this is a comment to Taylor’s. Not saying that you shouldn’t comment on this. we all love Krista bunches. <3 RIP

  43. Chelsey LeFlore says:

    First of all, I just want to take the time to tell Krista’s family that I am deeply sorry for their loss. I didn’t know Krista, but I do know Kayla&from the looks of it your family is down right incredible. She was&still is a very beautiful young girl who was very loved&simply had a way with touching people’s hearts. I wish I would have had the honor of meeting her but unfortunately I did not. There are hard times ahead of you all&I hope you remember all of the good times you shared because that is what is important now. She has her wings, let her fly. She is a precious gift to God&she is now an Angel watching over each one of you. She will never really be gone from you, as she will be in your hearts. Stay strong&Keep the Faith. It may not be seem clear to you but God has plans&this is part of his plan. God Bless You All&you will be in my thoughts&prayers always.

    RIP Krista Dean McGee. – Spread your wings&fly beautiful.

  44. Chelsey LeFlore says:

    & Taylor. You make me sick. You have the nerve to come on here&say that. Their family is grieving over the loss of their loved one. Just because you have NO heart does NOT mean they don’t have one. It is unacceptable. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. If you were in their shoes you wouldn’t be feeling this way&what if someone did what you did to them. Grow up&learn to respect people. I feel bad as it is for writing to your sorry self on here&taking up space for people who cared for Krista. I may have not known her but I will stick up for her, because Kayla is a friend&my friends have my heart&my heart is w/ her right now. So, how bout you keep your mouth closed from here on out. All I have left to say is pray..because God is the only one who can help you have a better understanding on life.

  45. Taylor Gothard says:

    Hey Everyone I Just Wanted To Say That Someone Used My Name And Wrote A Whole Lot Of Hurtful Things And I Just Wanted To Say Im Sorry For Any Hurtful Things That Has Been Said Through My Name. I Didn’t Know Krista But I Am Sorry For Your Lost <3 The Family Is In My Prayers And I Hope You Guys Understand.
    Much Love<3

    • Mandy Lewis says:

      Thank you so much for clearing that up. I as well as the family and other friends appreciate it.. I do apologize again for coming at you. But as you can understand you would dothe same if it was the other way around.

    • Chelsey LeFlore says:

      Thank you for that&I am sorry for using your name. I’m sure you understand the concern.

  46. danielle eary says:

    Krista you were such a sweet girl and we all love you very very much. I’m sorry I hadn’t talked to you in a while. <3 and I'm sorry that you felt there was no other way out. RIP baby. <3

  47. aracely navarro says:

    its hard walking in into my classes and knowing you wont be sitting next or behind me.knowing that your pressence ment alot to me and that you wont be there anymore.i miss everything about you krista.the way you would whisoer to me when you needed an answer to the way you would hold my hand in the and you became close really fast.he instantly clicked.i miss sitting with you in the luch table and singing “grenade” in the hallways.running up the stairs hand in hand and not caring what people thought.i love you so much.and i will never forget you i promise.i hope that you will be there when i need you just like you were in life.and i know that one day we’ll meet again.and that one day i’ll see you again bestfren.

  48. jasmin alvarez says:

    i remember when we first met.
    mr hamms class.
    you were so bubbly.
    and you outa nowhere said hi.
    from then on when you saw me you;d say hey gorgeous or hi with a huge smile.
    i wish i made more of an effort to talk this year.
    im sorry.
    and im sorry for your loss the mcgee family.
    yall will be in my prayers.
    rest in peace krista dean mcgee<3

  49. Jalissa martinez says:

    Krista, you were so beautiful. You were such a huge impact on my friends. I’ve been trying to be strong for them and comforting them. I been thinking about you lately and it made me realize to be there more for my friends and you made my team mates and friends become much stronger and I thank you for that Hun. Our next win is for you sweatheart (: you and your family are in my prayers.

  50. Stefany Beltran says:

    everybodys qnna mis u krista inculdinq me u were always there to lift up the freshman&&now u not around anymore……..uwill always qnna lift in our memory….&see u on da other side

  51. Lenna Marie says:

    Today On My Way To 7th Period ; I Cried . I Miss Seeing You Walk By And Smile Everydayyy . Its Not The Same With Out You , But I Know Your In A Much Better Place . Rest In Peace , Krista Dean McGee <3

    I Love Youu.

  52. Mayra Almendarez says:

    I seen this girl only in the mornings w/ Johnny and I had him in Sociology class last semester and he sumtimes write on the board, “I (heart) Krista” Now I feel bad 4 him 4 losin’ the only person and can’t believe sum assholes blame him 4 this. That’s sad and many ppl on my twitter account are praying 4 her and the McGee family.
    R.I.P. Krista

  53. Michelle Hafdahl says:

    Krista i love you and miss you so much.. i keep thinking how i wish we were closer. i keep thinking about all the fun times we had cheering in the 7th gread and how you would make my day with just your beautiful smile. i am praying for you and your family… RIP krista

  54. Tenacia Johnson says:

    you were one of the sweetest people i ever me. Never saw you without a smile on your face unless you were thinking or trying to prove to me you can keep a straight face, but even then you had a slight smile. You loved making people feel better and helping them with their problems. You helped me through my everlasting problem and gave me good advice. And when we weren’t doing that we were having fun in english class together both grade seven and eight. But i do wish we wouldve talked more often than we did after i moved. Anyways girl i love you and i know your in a better place because god wanted his angel back. Ima miss you

  55. Allyson Bell says:

    Sweet Krista, I will never forget you. We have some great memories. I wish I would have known what you were going through. I love you to the moon and back. Your free now babygirl. Fly with your beautiful wings.

  56. Kaylee Watson says:

    Krita Dean McGee<3
    goodness you were more of a sister then anything to me, you are truly the reason i am who i am today you brought me out off my shell in 7th grade & i love you for that babe. theres too many memories to write, all of my best memories are with you. like how every weekend in 7th grade you would come to my house on friday and stay till sunday and you would make me cinnamon rolls every morning because we all knew i didnt know how to cook. you would walk in my house and say hi mom and dad, and then if you werent there one weekend my family would freak out. then we would stay in my basement and dance and sing all night long! and watch the most stupid scary movies, ill miss those nights the most. you'd always have my back for anything and i hope you know i would always have yours. i dont know what im going to do without you, you were truly one of my bestfriends. and i wont ever forget you, i love you more then anything-remember that
    like you said to me and alyssa in my pool the summer going into 9th grade:
    "guys we have to make a promise right now that when we go to high school we will always be bestfriends no matter what okay?" "deal(:"
    we will always keep that promise.
    "I Love You More Than Words Krista"

  57. Patrick Ervin says:

    When you were here you were one of those funny people that could also be serous. I still remember the time you pants my brother Matthew in kindergarten. And then in 8th you pants yourself because he brought it up. Class with you in Couch Browns was the funniest class ever. I may not have been the closteat friend but I won’t forget you.

    RIP Krista McGee. We all miss you

  58. Kaylee Watson says:

    Krista Dean McGee<3
    goodness you were more of a sister then anything to me, you are truly the reason i am who i am today you brought me out off my shell in 7th grade & i love you for that babe. theres too many memories to write, all of my best memories are with you. like how every weekend in 7th grade you would come to my house on friday and stay till sunday and you would make me cinnamon rolls every morning because we all knew i didnt know how to cook. you would walk in my house and say hi mom and dad, and then if you werent there one weekend my family would freak out. then we would stay in my basement and dance and sing all night long! and watch the most stupid scary movies, ill miss those nights the most. you'd always have my back for anything and i hope you know i would always have yours. i dont know what im going to do without you, you were truly one of my bestfriends. and i wont ever forget you, i love you more then anything-remember that
    like you said to me and alyssa in my pool the summer going into 9th grade:
    "guys we have to make a promise right now that when we go to high school we will always be bestfriends no matter what okay?" "deal(:"
    we will always keep that promise.
    "I Love You More Than Words Krista"

  59. Victoria Overstreet says:

    I didn’t know Krista that well I talked to her a few times and when I did she was very nice and caring. And all the people I knew that knew her said she was very fun to be around. And everytime I was anywhere close to her I couldn’t help but smile.
    I have her family and friends in my prayers
    R.I.P Krista McGee

  60. Andrew Smith says:

    I had the previlege to meet Krista this last Christmas day. I was only around her and her family for a few hours but it was long enough to see that she had a very kind spirit. My heart is sad for her, her family and friends. My prayers are going out for all of you. Psalms 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted..

  61. Don Mitchell says:

    Krista Dean Mcgee.

    What can I say you were the most outgoing, smartest, awesome, caring, down to earth person I know. Even though we didn’t see each other a lot during High school you always manged to put a simile on my face when I saw you and gave you a giant hug, and when I would text you. I remember in middle school you would always have the right words to say to cheer me up when I was feeling down to help me enjoy life and stay happy no matter what the situation was. Just know you will always have a place in my heart and I will never forget the memories we had.

    I will miss you Mcclovin. <3

  62. Sierra Briscoe from Ohio says:
    Above is Krista and Kylee’s YouTube account.
    This is the way that I will always remember Krista Dean McGee.
    Krista was and always will be Kylee’s best friend.
    I heard so many of their stories and I can only imagine that was only a tiny percentage of all of the great memories those two have together.
    I only got to spend a week with Krista when she came to Ohio, but that was enough to get to know that she was the nicest, funniest, liveliest girl I have ever met. She smiled constantly and we had lots of laughs together in that short time. I wish we could have spent more time together. It was definitely valuable time. I don’t think I will ever truly believe she is gone, and if I am upset only knowing her for such a short time, then I pray for her family, whom I wish I had the honor to meet if they raised such an awesome person, and all of the people who had the glory to meet her, I don’t think anyone would have a bad thing to say about her. And whoever this “Taylor” person is, I pray for you because you have bad judgement and I don’t see what such a great person like Krista could have possibly done to make you dare to work up the nerve to post such negative things on a blog made for all of the people who loved her. Please keep your thoughts to yourself.
    You will be missed dearly, Krista McGee. <3
    Here is a "scary movie" we made in my basement in the summer of '09

  63. Anna Sanguane says:

    Spread your wings, Krista. Until we meet again someday. Remember, I always love you & don’t you forget that. You made an impact on my life. I was blessed to be part of yours. You will always have a place in my heart.
    My heart misses yours…. rest in peace, my love.

  64. Raziyah Chase says:

    Krista Dean Mcgee .
    Wow , I still can’t fully grasp the fact that your no longer here . ive known you since 3rd grade . Although we have never “known” each other . The first time I saw you I was like “Yes , another tall person!” &Then throughout middle school I found myself even jealous of your beauty . I remember freshmen year I walked into the bathroom & you were in there already doing your makeup & fixing your hair , and I said , ” Wow Krista , you member me ? Youu turned & smiled that big beautiful smile that everyone loves and said , “Of course I do Raziyah!” Krista , that smile , that happiness on your face is something I cant forget . I know that every dream you have ever had , you could of acheived it .. I miss you Krista & I love you .. :/

  65. Henry Vu says:

    I in no way know Krista.

    In fact, I heard about the incident through mere snooping around conversations.

    This story just touched my heart to a great magnitude. Nearly driven to tears myself, I can imagine the devastation that must be surging through the minds of the family members. It must be heartcrushing to lose someone so soon that seemed to have so much going for them. All the love being poured from family and friends; it’s a magnificent thing. It just shows how amazing Krista must’ve been as a person, to have so many care.

    I may be in no position to say any of this (not knowing her at all), but I feel I need to say something.

    While your sudden disappearance has been a hurtful one, Krista, it shan’t hurt any of us or anyone you knew. You enriched the lives of many, and they will carry on your legacy forever. We may not see you, but damn it Krista, you’re still in our hearts. Your friends and I will carry on your legacy for eternity, for your story is not complete. It wasn’t complete when you’re alive and even in death, we’ll make sure it’s finished!

    And we’ll see to it that it does. You’ve changed us all, Krista, and perhaps for the better. This won’t be in vain.

    I bid you and your family good tidings, and apologize in advance if I’ve hurt anyone through any way (as I don’t know her and the situation fully).

    R.I.P. Krista McGee

  66. Johnny Chavez says:

    hey Krista<3

    Wow so many good times with you babe. i cant stop thinking about them. I see your beautiful pictures and think about how you wanted to be a model. I hear your amazing voice and think about you singing with me while i played 15 by taylor swift(: i loved hearing you sing. your voice just made my day. I remember running to your house at two in the morning just to give you a hug and a kiss goodnight. or going to pick you up because you were sad and you wanted to sleep next to me. every little think i look at reminds me of you. we did everything together babe. we were always together. i loved every moment with you and ill cherish those moments for the rest of my life. i wish you could still be here today so i can tell you this is person… i remember what you told me after 2nd period thursday "ill never stop fighting for you johnny" i love you krista dean mc gee or as you would say krista dean chavez(:

  67. Kaylee Tiptom says:

    πŸ™‚ your life has been compared to many things, but honestly there is no comparison to a life. Most importantly , a life like yours Krista Dean McGee. Not one day went by, where there wasn’t a breath taking smile on your face! Even now your still adding more meaning to our lives. You made Grand Prairie understand the meaning of coming together and forgetting all the bickering. We smile through out the hours of school on these long days, but understand the smiles are because we remember the crazy, fun filled, exciting times we had with you. Krista you were some kinda unique. I mean, you hugged us many times, but one time saying “im sorry if i make your shoulders wet I’m sweaty”, is quiet unforgettable! so for old times sake! LETS GET CRAZY, EVEN SWEATY. and keep it KRISTA KRUNK! we’ll miss you Krista. We’ll continue to pray for the McGee family. If ya’ll need anything just ask.
    -the Tipton family

  68. Johnny says:

    I didn’t and under normal circumstances i probably never would know , I saw you once in my class, you looked amazing… I should have talked to you while you were sitting there quietly.. But i was to shy i guess you could say.. After hearing this, i felt so bad, seeing how many people actually cared about you, and would most likely do anything for you made me terribly sad, I know not as many people care about me as they did for you.. which really made things alot worse for me.. I really wish i could have got the opportunity to know you.
    You will always have my blessings, and though i may not like your decision, i have no choice but to respect it. Enjoy your new home in heaven.

  69. Like I’ve said before, I only wish that we would’ve kept in touch as much as we have freshmen year, if not, more. But I am infinitely grateful that we still had a regular greeting everyday, at the same time. I remember 2nd period last year meeting her, she had the most welcoming attitude ever, and as everyone knows, smiled.all.the.time. and that’s what ultimately made her, Krista. So on, the entire year noting changed, nor this year, same warm greeting every time. Even for someone who unfortunately hasn’t had the opportunity to be as close of friends than most, much can be said about Krista, I could go on forever about what I’ve noticed through our brief friendship. I know enough to know, that her thing was to call everyone “bay bay” and I’m sure I speak for many when I say no one would ever want to hear that ever again, unless it comes from Krista herself. There is nothing but positivity that came from her, and I see no need for that to vanish, although no one will be able to spread positivity like she did, we should do so for her. GP has had a steep decline in emotion and that’s not what she would want. I’m grateful that we even had our constant “hellos” instead of nothing at all. Never to be forgotten, always to be missed, until our roads cross paths again, Rest In Peace Krista Dean McGee. Keep smiling for old times sake!(:

  70. Sierra Martinez says:

    Krista,I’ll always remember your beautiful smile and that great personality of yours. You always had a shine to you that could always bring us up when we weren’t. I remember in 6th period in 9th grade in mrs.crane’s class whenever we had to write essays,I would turn to you to find you smiling that one smile and I would know that you needed paper to have,haha. You were such a beautiful girl who was so smart,you were so outgoing, you could always make me laugh during gap cause we were always bored. When I say this I know I’m speaking for others as well, we will all miss you and everything about you,but we all hope you are happy and at peace,you’ll always be in our hearts,and one day we’ll all meet you again. We all pray for you!
    I’ll love you always and forever.
    R.I.P Krista Dean McGee

  71. Halley Basche says:

    Moving away was one of the hardest things i ever had to do, but keeping in touch with you and Zyla helped me through it ALOT.. i miss you soooo much hun, you have no idea. i wish with all my heart that you rest in peace… i love you!!

  72. Isabelle Fierro says:

    cheerleading with you in middle school were the best memories i will never forget.. love you and miss you Krista <3 R.I.P

  73. Teresa Reyes-Flores says:

    iMiss Krista, iRemember She Freaked Out My BoyFriend And Me And Her Went To The ShowCase Together And She Felt All Awkward… We Werent Close, But We Were Getting There, iLove Her
    R.I.P Krista Dean McGee</3

  74. LIBBY FIERRO says:

    When those we love go away, they never really leave us; they are with us now, wherever we are. Those whom we have cherished, live on forever,
    for love wraps itself around the heart. Although it’s difficult now,
    someday beyond our tears and all the world’s wrongs; beyond the clouds and all that we can see and touch, we shall all understand. If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, We would walk all the way to Heaven, to bring you home again.
    No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye.
    You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.
    Our hearts ache in sadness, and secret tears will flow.
    What is meant to lose you, no one will ever know…Although we loved you deeply,

  75. Ashley Dill says:

    Krista Dean,
    I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve known you and your family for 12 years now. It’s crazy to think it’s that long. I watched you grow up into this amazingly beautiful person. From the time you were just a little thing on the Jets, I knew that you were always going to be full of life, putting a smile on EVERYONES face because that’s what you did for me. You were my little mini me. Anything and everything that I did, you did too. I wish that I could have been a part of your middle school/high school life like I was your elementary school days. I watched you grow through pictures over Myspace and Kayla’s facebook and I’ve never seen a more beautiful pair of sisters.

    I know you’re dancing with God hand in hand and watching over all of us now. I’m sure you’re the one teaching Him how to “get down”. You’ll never leave us, Krista. For you are forever in our hearts and thoughts. I love you SO much little one. <3

  76. Paula Galvan says:

    You Were Such A Bubbly Chick.
    When We Would Talk On Facebook We Would Laugh Over A Small Comment.
    You Will Be Missed.
    I Will Miss You.
    R.I.P. Krista

  77. Dear Krista<3
    I'm here to say how much I miss you… We were real cool with each other and just know that YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN… I love you Krista… You have touched many people's lives and just much more… I hope that you're looking down on us and realize how much we love you and I wish that we can do our handshake 1 more time:) I love you Krista Dean Mcgee<3
    R.I.P McLovin

  78. Alyssa Ramirez says:

    Krista Dean,
    Oh gosh… We were so incredibly close. We have sooooo many memories that I will never forget! So many great times at school, at Kaylee’s house, during volleyball, my house. We talked about everything! You told me that I was the only person you could talk to about ANYTHING! You would call or text me when you needed to talk or you just wanted to come over. We would always go to whataburger. We picked out a table and you called it “our table” because we would sit there for hours talking. Part of the reason we were so close was because we shared the same dreams.. You loved to sing, dance, act, and model. &you were soo talented! I remember the time we woke up early, waited in line in the freezing cold, &auditioned for this radio thing. It was so much fun and I’m glad I did that with you! We would make YouTube videos to pass time and show the world how much fun we had together<3 random videos with us singing or just acting crazy! We would stay up till 5 in the morning planning, filming, and editing. I still have the messages from you saying we needed to make another video. There's so many more memories I have with you I could probably write a book! Everything I say or do leads up to a story about you or us together!! I think it's amazing that from the start, we were super close and not once did we argue or fight. I could always count on you to make me smile! πŸ™‚ You were one of my very BESTfriends and I will miss you SO much! I love ya baybay!! We're one and the same!!
    <3 Alyssa

  79. Sarah Galyon says:

    My deepest sympathy to those who loved Krista. My heart goes out to you, her friends, who struggle with your feelings of disbelief and loss. Please remember the age old truth that redemption and salvation come through love for God and love for each other. Keep on loving each other and helping each other through this hard time. In times when life is unbearable remember that you have a future and a hope. Nothing in this world is forever. Only love. In my mind I see Krista in my 8th grade algebra class full of life and smiles, surrounded by her friends. Surrounded by love. My love and prayers for you.

    • Rachel Garcia says:

      Ms. Galyon, that was very nice – I remember the parent subbing Mr. Harrison had us do and I had your class. I remember talking with Krista at your desk. I am so glad I had that opportunity!! May God Bless Krista’s family and friends during these hard times!!

  80. Tyler Maddox says:

    Krista had a whole lot of friends. Thank you all for the love that you have given to her and her family. This means soooo much to me being her cousin. As everyone can agree, she had the smile of all smiles. It could brighten the darkest skies. I don’t know how she was in school exactly, but after reading just a few of these, it seemed she was friends to all. Even if she didn’t know you. Thank you all again for I feel the love for my cousin Krista. She will continue to be with us all, may it be good times and the bad.
    Tyler Maddox

  81. Gabi Carvajal says:

    I still hear ur sweet voice after every practice saying “i love you” im glad i always told you “i loved you more”. I remember how you said you wanted to learn how to play the guitar for senior talent show and with your beautiful voice it would have been great. I know i barely met you this year but being on varsity with you was the greatest thing that has happened to me. We all had great memories with each other and i will never forget them! I love you BayBay!! (: <3
    you will never be forgotten and will be truely missed!
    You are FOREVER IN MY HEART!!! <3

  82. Angel Hayes says:

    Our hearts are torn and broken, but our memories will live on. May the love that many people felt for you always remain. Your spirt, class and beauty are something that no one will ever forget. You have touched so many lives in your short 16 years. We will always remember your smiling face and the happiness you brought to your friends and family.
    Thank you for all of the kind words and support and for sharing your best memories of Krista. Keep Krista and her family in your prayers.
    With Love Always, Aunt Angel

  83. Rachel McClurg says:

    Krista, I wish that I would of got to play more volleyball with you this year because I heard you were pretty amazingg. I will miss you a bunch. You were always smiling and laughing and keeping everyone around you in a good mood. Deep down we all know now that you were hurting but you had the world by your side the whole time. You were so beautiful, had an amazing voice, a bad a volleyball player, a great friend, and an all around amazing person. I love you and wish that we could of been closer. I knew I could tell you anything when we sat at lunch together and over the summer at volleyball two-a-days. You had the world going for you. I keep listening to your song and it always makes me cry because it is so beautiful. I will remember those days forever because you truly touched my heart. I wish I could of seen you again and just given you one more hug and told you i loved you one more time. You were an amazing girl, no one will ever forget you Krista Dean McGee. I love you! I will miss you a ton, keep looking down on everyone keeping your family and friends all safe. My prayers are with you and your family!

    Rachel McClurg

  84. allyson bell says:

    Krista Dean,
    I was thinking the other day the time you, laci, logan, brittany and i went to the mall. We went to the arcade and you were so funny all the things you did. You put a smile on all our faces. That will be one of my favorite memories. I miss your laugh, your smiles, your hugs and most of all, your sweet and awesome personality. You have made an impact in all of our lives. I wish i would have told you more how much i appreciate you and everything you did. You had this special way of cheering people up. I will never forget your way and how much people adored you. I miss you. And i love you sooo much.

  85. Gabby says:

    Ugh ): Kristaa i Crydd When i Found Out about what happend girl you will be missed soo dearly.. you were beautiful buht ever since i heard what happendd i relized too never see anyone by there outsidee becus we never kno what myte really be going on in your mind you myte seem happy as hell in the outsidee buht in the insidee uu myte be sadd ):
    ugh i wish i couldd have known uu better kristaa i wish i would have keept talkinn too uu the timee we met i regreat it you will be missed soo muchh
    RIP.. Kristaa Dean Mcgeee <3

  86. Mikaela Barnes says:

    Dear Krista,
    i don’t know how many times i have wrote you…. I keep wishing you would write back. πŸ™ I know i wasnt there for you as much as i should of. I regret it soo much. Maybe i could of stopped it.. ive stopped people before. I blame myself alittle.. maybe if i kept in touch and we got closer… i could of done SOMETHING! I miss you Krista. Everytime i looked at school when i was at GP, you were always smiling and laughing…. i would have never thought YOU would be the one too……. πŸ™ I can’t stop crying. I want to go to the viewing….. but i dont want that to be the last memory i have of u… i want it to be happy times… πŸ™ playing volleyball together, the little time we had at my party, and going to see high school musical 3 together with logan and gabby and some other people. lol. (: good times. Your one of the coolest people i have met. and i love you dearly. You were the one, when i moved to Grand Prairie, who talked to me and helped me get friends. Alot of people are taking it hard… caleb, Logan, Gabby, Alyssa,Laci, Johnny, Ty, Dara, Mercedes, Kassy, Andrea, James everybody close to you or who looked up to you.
    You will be the first funeral i will go too. Honestly, i dont know how im going to take it…. but your still my teammate and i have to be there for you. I love you sooo much Krista. And i hope your looking down at us.
    <3 Mikaela

  87. Mikaela Barnes says:

    Dear Krista,
    I just got done talking to gabby! we were talking about all the good timess.. and shes trying to find a picture of when u and i together.. i couldnt find any cause my camara is broken and new phoness ya know! (: Gabby showed me on her 14th birthdayy u wrote “happy birthday krista loves you” on the butt of the stuffed dog. (: She misses you as well….. I think she hasnt really wrote anything cause it will be REALLY hard on her….. keep looking upon her. and please make sure she stays happy! (:

  88. lupita rodriguez says:

    krista, well i bearly met you this year and you were awesome you were allways so happy i cant belive your gone now. just thursday morning we were in syuco metting and you seem a little sad but you still made me simle and we even took a pic. i cant belive your gone i just wish you ere still here so we could get to know each other. you will always stay in my heart and in my prayers. i love you krista dean mcgee. RIP

  89. Beverly Love says:

    Krista Dean McGee ;; you were so beautiful and I know that you are going to be happier where you are but I can’t seem to let you go. I wish for anothor day to spend with you and tell you that I love you. Like a rain drop falling from the sky, you were gone too soon . your gone but never forgotten . I love you, we ALL love you !

  90. Gina G. Gola says:

    I remember the first day Krista walked into my class at Adams. I told her just like all of my students on the first day of school, “Once you walk into my class, you are one of my children. I will help you as if you were my own child” That whole year and the year’s to follow I would watch and protect my babies all the time at school. When I became the road monitor for the traveling volleyball team I would guard and protect my girls. I would never allow them to go to the concession stand or the restroom alone. I would always make them take a buddy so they could have protection in numbers. Krista would always smile at me and then ask Kaylee, Kayla (Sunshine) or Alianna would go with her.

    Krista you had a huge heart and were a great friend with several people but I loved how you, Laci and Logan would always make me smile even when I may have had a bad day. You will always be in my heart and your smile will shine on us all from the heavens above. God Bless you, your family, your friends, and every person you may have not realized you have made a difference in their lives.

    May you rest in peace.

    Gina G. Gola

  91. Yvette Trevino (Johnny's Sister) says:

    Krista Dean

    Wow, I'm so torn up. I know I can't find the right words to express what you meant to our family. You were one of us. It just seemed natural to walk into my mom's house and see you sitting there with some cute outfit that you'd just thrown together yet made you look amazing. You are one of the most kind-hearted people I've ever known. It was easy to see why my brother loves you so much. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to know you and love you. You were so good to my kids and you can't imagine how much Mariah and Anthony love you and how hurt they are. I know you loved them, too, and it makes me so sad to know they've lost such a special part of their lives. They can't stop talking about all the good times with you and Johnny…..camping in the backyard making smores, the weekend in Mineral Wells, pizza and Clue :), hanging out at the skate park, hanging at the pool all summer long……thank you for being so wonderful to them. You were such a happy person….a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. It just doesn't seem right. Wish this was all just a bad dream. Krista, we will always miss you. You have no idea how you've touched our lives. I can only hope that we will be able to heal from this. Now you can sing with the angels with that angelic voice of yours. :*(

    Love you,

  92. mariah trevino says:

    heyy krista<3 i will always remember our memories like the time you told me anthony and johnny that scary story that was qreat(: i remember when we were campinq out in johnnys backyard we madee smores and everythinq.and i remember when yall came too our house and played scene it for hours and i always lost haa(: i remember when we went to the waterpark and had a fun time,the slide we screamed down teehee(: i also remember the time we spent the niqht at qrandmas and watched scary movie somethinq and you saw the exocist and you screamed,but then johnny made us waffles the next morninq,or the time we almost set the house on fire tryinq to make crayons(: and when we went to tio bobos pool and had alot of fun. my mom remembers when you asked her "can i have some of that?" and you ate that like an apple(: remember our paparatzii video? haa(: i wanna keep all these qood memories.and you were really loved by many and you still are you were like my sister thank you for everythinq im qoinq to miss you so is the family

  93. James says:

    Krista you were the best cousin in the world I still cant believe this happened I’ll always remember how much we laughed when we were together im gonna miss us opening presents on christmas eve in our special spot. You were so beautiful and talented and I love you so much R.I.P.

  94. Jamye Johnston says:

    I was shocked and angry when I heard the news. Like everyone I wish I knew why, I wish I could have helped. I’m angry because she took the chance to help away from us. I loved Krista and she was an amazing and vivacious young lady. She was too smart for this and it upsets me greatly that she wasn’t able to seek help.

    I miss her and I offer my support to any students who need help and someone to talk to about this. I wish I had beautiful words to make it feel better but sometimes the only thing you can say is “This sucks”, and it does.

    The weather is beautiful and snowy today, but it is too treacherous for me to brave the tollway down to Grand Prairie and I wish I could be there to say goodbye with the friends and family. I will say goodbye in my own way and mourn the passing of a student and beautiful young lady I will miss dearly.

  95. Stephanie Robinson says:

    I didnt know you personally…But after reading all these blogs you were a beautiful girl. With a beautiful spirit I hope everyone that knew you will remember that..I will pray for your family to try and understand why this had to happen to such a free spirited young lady…..Life should be full of joy love hope laughter…So lets take a moment to remember the lil things in life that mean so much….

    RIP Krista McGee

  96. Shanille Knight-Jackson says:

    I have seen many students come and go through my classroom doors in my years. Krista is one of the ones I won’t forget! She was such a brilliant, bubbly and vivacious young woman. I remember when I had to encourage her when she had her concerns in 5th grade about trying out for the Disney channel. That girl was SO talented even in elementary school! I loved to listen to her sing. Her athleticism was a true gift as well. As I read through the posts on here, one things is repetitive, and I will repeat it as well—her amazing smile and sense of humor will not be forgotten. When she was in 8th grade, I remember joking around with her and her “gang” in the hallways. She was such a joy (and goof)! The future of the world is missing out on a smart and wonderful young lady. She will surely be missed!

    My sympathies and love are extended to the family and friends, and fellow classmates of Krista McGee.

  97. Mikaela Barnes says:

    the funeral was the hardest thing ive ever done… it was my first funeral…
    Seeing your body so cold and hard, broke my heart. I never pictured seeing you like that… it still feels like a nighmare. Like your still here, but i just wanna wake up from it… the crying. everything….. I just want you here
    Saying goodbye was the hardest part about it.
    Brandon was having a hard time….. We all miss you soo much.
    and i cant wait to see you again.
    Watch over everybody and keep them safe. (:

    I love you sooo much!

  98. Shelby Dodd says:

    I haven’t seen you in years, and don’t go to your school. But I remember when we were younger and used to play together all the time. Your house was like home to me. I wish I could’ve gotten to know the real you now, all grown up, but I guess I have to wait until it’s my time. I’ll see you at the Pearl Gates Krista. You are forever loved.


  99. Daisy Velasquez says:

    Im always gonna remember krista with a big smile because that the way she always made me feel.I love how her laugh was always cautious.she was a very talented gonna miss my kindergarden friend so much,i remember when her me and taki were together in that kindergarden picture and she was the tallest out of all of us,she standed out the gonna miss her so much!and im never gonna forget her!i love you girl!RIP krista dean mcgee.<3

  100. Brittany Walker says:

    When I first meet krista she was always smiling and making people as happy as they could have been.
    I’m gunna miss her with all my heart, but one thing I know is she will never be forgotten by anyone no matter what people say.
    She always would make me dance with her or come to her house to tan cause we were super white(;
    She broke me put of my shell and showed me that being yourself zis nothing to be afraid of. She always reminded me that god made us judges we are for one reason and we will never know what that reason is(:
    I love you krista dean<3
    Love you forever and always Brittany Lea

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