Leave the Pieces

I’m Yours

Krista’s butterfly

7 Responses to Songs

  1. Kayla McGee says:

    I love all of the songs. I listen to them everyday and sing along with her just like we use to do all the time. She sounds amazing on all of them! <3

  2. Brittany Walker says:

    Every time i hear theses song it give me tingling all over my body because they are so beautiful.
    i love you kay babay

  3. grace granada says:

    Such an amazing voice. We miss Krista so so much.

  4. jazmine orozco says:

    i listen to these songs everyday
    and it’s like i feel you there huging me when i cry and bring peace to me
    i miss you krista

  5. Briana Chavarria says:

    Krista, Babyy Girl I miss YOu Deeply….

  6. james craig says:

    krista’s voice is so beautiful i miss her so much everytime i hear these songs i tear up and smile because its like she herself wrote the songs she sings them really good.

  7. Alec Reyes says:

    Happy birthday krista love u Sis ur big bro alec

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