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Krista McGee and Kayla McGee

Krista McGee and Kayla McGee

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  1. Marissa Bay says:

    my name is Marissa Bay and I’m not sure if any of you remember who I am.
    Krista and I were close back in Eisenhower and we always had slumber parties.
    I moved away in 5th grade and I miss her dearly.
    I wish none of this would have happened, and I pray that her family is doing okay.
    If I would have never moved, we’d still be close and I could have helped her through her tough times.

    I may have grown apart from her, but it kills me to know she’s gone…forever.
    I’ll never be able to say goodbye Krista.
    But here you go,
    Krista I love you and sleep safely up in heaven<3
    Your an amazing girl.

    For others;
    look me up on facebook if you went to Eisenhower with her.
    I'm under Marissa Bay Lee & I live in wylie texas.

  2. Some one says:

    I really didn’t talk to krista alot. But I will never forget her because, she would always see me in the hall alone with no one and pull away from her friends just to say hi to me<3 and make me feel noticed make me feel special because she the only one who bothered to talk to me. Krista was so nice and beautiful! May she rest in peace and i know shes not going to read this but stiill thank you krista for making me feel like someone.

  3. Arturo Tijerina says:

    Same here. I only talked to her a few times, but she always left an impression when we talked. She was kind hearted. She was a good person. I’m pretty sure everyone will miss her including me

  4. brittany stowe says:

    i know you may not know me but my name is brittany and i didnt know krista that well
    but i know that she made everybody in her sight smile at least once. krista is an amazing person the kind of person whos spirit will live on forever………………
    keep your heads high, because god has put you through the rain………….. Now here comes the rainbow.

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