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  1. mariah trevino says:

    i see all these pictures and see how happy people were around krista she was like the sun on a cloudy day she made people lauqh made them so happy to be with her at that moment i never qot mad at krista and she never qot mad at me<3 i loved that qirl like she was my biq sister she would call me her bayybayy(: she would make me lauqh for no reason.she was a qood person to all she was an anqel sent to bless our lives we will remeber her forever i love you krista dean mcgee<3 make qod smile qirl(:

  2. maurice white says:

    krista is a great freind to me. she was one of the first 8th graders to speak to me when o got to adams. she will alwayz be miss. alwayz and forever….. love you always KRISTA!!!!

  3. Johnny Chavez says:

    Oh krista i see your pictures and cant help but smile(: wow your so beautiful and i knew that ever since i first saw you in adams. you never believed me when i would tell you this story but it was true.. I watched your videos yesterday and i couldnt stop laughing(: your so silly babe(: even when your gone you still manage to but a smile on my face at the worse of times(: Babe i love you so much and i always will i promise<3

    Your love Johnny<3

  4. Emily Huitron says:

    Krista, theres not a day where i don’t think of you:) the crazy things we’d used to do and how we would sing to nsync or backstreet boys. i miss your crazy self and i just listen to your voice over and over again. i know you’re up there, laughing with jesus and dancing, singing to your favorite songs. just know that i love you and always will. our friendship remains and so do the memories<3333 <3

  5. aracely navarro says:

    i love you krista.
    untill the day we meet again.

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