Krista Dean McGee touched many lives.

Krista Dean McGee touched many lives while she was here on earth.

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  1. Mike Hanes says:

    I know that I will greatly miss my niece Krista. I called her Krista D. She was such a sweet loving niece. I wish I could have been around her more, but I live in far North Dallas so did not get to see her often. I pray blessings on our entire family as we deal with this great loss. I know that God will help us make it through this as a family.

  2. Ali Brown says:

    I still dont want to believe it. I wish i spent more time with her, shared more memories, told her how much i cared. After 8th grade things weren’t the same. I wish she was still here. There was never a dull moment around her. She was full of surprises, with her dancing, mooning, prank calls, random comments.. i can go on forever. I cant believe this…. i wish i was a better friend. If i could tell her one more thing…. ” Krista your beautiful, talented, you can do whatever you want to do, your smart, athletic, you can sing, dance, dont let anyone make you feel like your worth nothing. Im so sorry for ever making you feel bad, hurting you in any way, if i could take it all back i would. I love you girl and im sorry i didnt let you know enough before. Man, i remember one summer we spent like 3 days in a row together we watched camp rock, went to hurricane harbor, ate chineese food. Aha and that one time we watched scary movies at Michele’s , you were always a sucker for scary stuff, especially when Nancy told some scary stories at Alyssa’s party. I just want to see you again. See you in 4th period. Hear Mrs Brown saying ” YOU GOT IT GIRL” and give you a big filipino high five. I want to see you after school outside the gym calling Robert out because he’s checking out Sabrina ….. i want to see you dance.. hear you sing. I love you Krista i really do. I will miss you and never forget you.” . I will pray for the McGee family, and all friends aswell, lord knows she had sooo many.

  3. Sabrina Gramillo says:

    aww ali i remember that! krista girl ima miss you so much. acting like lovers after school 😉 hearing you sing, omg she sang so beautiful. krista always made me laugh. ima miss sitting next her in 3rd. we would always “help” each other out on perrymans hard test. im sooooo glad i met beautiful krista dean. volleyball won’t be the same without krista. the team won’t be the same without her. one of our best hitters and she worked so hard to become an amazing hitter. she was just so much fun to be around. talented, smart, funny, great dancer, beautiful singer, amazing volleyball player, & beautiful. we will all miss krista dean.

  4. Mandy Lewis says:

    I didn’t know Krista personally, but I was great friends with her sister, Kayla. I can’t even imagine the pain the family is feeling. Everytime I look at photos of beautiful Krista my heart aches. When I first read on someones wall post on facebook RIP Krista Mcgee I was soo worried it would be Kayla’s family. When I searched Krista I saw Kayla was her sister and my heart sank into my stomache. How could this happen to someone so close to me? SHe was beautiful, and from what I have read and heard had a lot going for her. But there is always the things we don’t know is going on in people lives. It is so hard being a teenager now-a-days. So much stress to deal with. Sometimes it gets the best of us. She will be forever missed. She is standing next to Our Heavenly Father today looking down on every single one of you. Friends, Family, and everyone else. The day after She left this Earth it was so sunny and bright, and to me that was her looking down on us saying “I am ok, I am happy, I am in no pain or suffering, I am free, Don’t be sad for me, be happy” I want to say a special prayer for the McGee family, and Krista’s little brother. I want him to know that It’s ok to be sad and to cry and to miss her, But that it is going to be ok, Krista is watching over him everyday. And that She will always love him. For Kayla I want her to know That it is ok to fall and be sad and to cry over this. It is normal to break down. There is many people here to catch you. Stay strong for the fmaily and your brother but don;t be afraid to fall. Doesn’t mean your any less of a person my love. For the entire family, The Lord knows the day we will leave this Earth, the day He brings us into it. Thursday was Krista’s day to go home. Although we will never understand why such beautiful, talented, amazing young woman had to leave, We can find peace knowing it was His will and she is safe. We will all see her again when we go home to out Father. And to everyone who keeps saying “What if?” or “I should’ve” or “why didn’t I?” There is nothing you could have done to save her. The Lord needed her home. Saying all these things will only make it worse for you, They will eat you up. That is the devil trying to make you feel bad and pulling you from Christ. Don’t let him. He see’s you are weak. Stay strong through Christ, and know that just being a good friend to Krista meant everything to her. I love you all. My prayers continue to go out to the family. And all the friends as well. May the Lord fill your hearts with Peace and comfort knowing Krista is home. And continue to give you strength when you feel down. Amen.

  5. Taylor Nolan says:

    I can still hear you rapping that mcdonalds song u repeated over and over for a month straight. I miss the old times we spent in middle school like when we won the championship and when we all played volleyball together. We all miss you and you’ve effected all of us in some way. I wish there was more I could’ve done or said to you. I love you so much. You were the most beautiful girl and good spirited and always had a smile on your face. You were not shy to be yourself at any times. But I’m glad that we have a lot of good memories and that’s all everyone had been talking about…good memories we have had with krista dean McGee. I remember in athletics we would just all be acting stupid. So we decided we were Gona go around and jack peoples shoes. But when we got to you we could not get yours! We tried so hard but we couldn’t. So u are missed so much and we all love you and will never forget you.

  6. Alexis Cortez says:

    I remember, Thursday like it was yesterday. You commented on my shirt, & I loved your boots. I miss your voice, smile, sense of style, absolutely everything. I cherish the moments we had together. I’d always seen you w/ Johnny. Know that he loved you Krissy.<3 I still feel you walking the halls at school. Sometimes I find myself looking for you after first period, & then it hits me. I love you, & may you rest in peace. :') <3

  7. Cathy watson says:

    not a day goes by that I dont think of krista I miss her so much Its been one of the hardest things for me to cope with, but I just think of all the great memories we had with her !!!!!!! I miss making her favorite desserts, she will always have a special place in my heart !!!!!

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